Upload Videos to Facebook or Embed From YouTube?

I have some cool video content I want to share with my audience on social media. Do I upload my video directly to Facebook or embed the link from YouTube?

The short answer: you should absolutely upload your videos directly to Facebook. While YouTube is still king of online video, Facebook is rising quickly. In fact, Facebook now gets more daily video views than YouTube (over 3 billion a day).

So why not just paste a link to a YouTube video on your Facebook page? Well, only videos directly uploaded to Facebook will autoplay in users’ news feeds.

Most of us have probably been on Facebook looking for something and ended up spending countless minutes (or even hours) watching random videos, like this cat shooting laser beams out of its eyes. All because the video started playing automatically as you scrolled by and caught your attention without you having to do anything. The lesson is this: the fewer barriers between your content and your audience, the higher your engagement.

Also, Facebook’s news feed algorithm gives native videos a lot of weight. Since Google (which owns YouTube) and Facebook are competitors, Facebook is obviously going to rank their own video content over YouTube’s. And that’s not changing anytime soon.

There are few reasons not to upload your videos directly to Facebook. The only exceptions are longer-form videos or content that’s behind a paywall. In those instances, I’d suggest taking short excerpts or previews of your video(s) and sharing those directly on Facebook instead. You could then use those short-form Facebook videos to direct traffic to your website or wherever you host the longer videos and hopefully get some conversions out of it.

Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t still upload your videos everywhere you can. After all, the more platforms you’re on, the more exposure you’ll get. For more information about utilizing Facebook videos to boost traffic, check out this MavSocial article.


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  1. How do you do this? I only understand how to copy and paste the link onto my fan page post. I’d like videos I’m sharing to auto play. Thank you.

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