Video Testimonials – The Ultimate Digital Referral

Whether you’re looking for the right photographer, attorney, or even the best local sandwich shop, the internet has become a powerful tool for informing those decisions. Who hasn’t read an online review from their laptop or phone before making a big (or small) financial decision?

However, beyond all the internet’s written reviews and star ratings, our ultimate validation often comes from word of mouth such as a positive review from a friend or family member who can vouch for a particular product or service. Alternatively, when that’s not available a video testimonial can fill the same role, validating a business’ credibility and putting a real face on their customer base.

Customer testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rating, the highest for any form of content marketing ( Still, authenticity is the name of the game when it comes this kind of video referral. Who hasn’t watched someone give a glowing review in a TV commercial only to see “Paid Actor” in small text at the bottom of the screen? Those two small words can completely undermine the whole purpose of the video testimonial.

Golden Arm Media had the pleasure of shooting over 50 video testimonials for Business Networking International, the largest business networking organization in the world. These video testimonials were authentic, concise, and they have already been effective at building  consumer confidence for the businesses involved.

We take real pleasure in working with non-actors and sculpting their words so that keep their message true and yet their screen presence is still engaging and effective.

Please watch Douglas Plummer’s testimonial for Dogboy’s Dog Ranch as an example above or click here to see the full collection of BNI testimonial videos.

Interested in producing your own testimonial or simply want to know more about our work? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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