What are the Best Video Narrative Tips?

How do you tell your business’s story through video? Here are four important, helpful narrative development tips:

Tip #1 – Make your customer the storyteller.

Storytelling can seem daunting until you realize that there are actually mini-narratives woven throughout your company. Have customers tell their success story with your product.

Tip #2 – Get inspired.

When you’re going to tell the story yourself, it helps to be inspired by an example of fine narrative construction. In Social Media Today, filmmaker Neil Davidson recommended a documentary about the Chauvet caves in France made by Werner Herzog, entitled Caves of Forgotten Dreams. Although the cave painters died as long as 32,000 years ago, Herzog succeeds in crafting a captivating story.

Tip #3 – Script your quest.

Think in terms of describing the story of the formation and growth of your business. Focus on the hurdles you had to overcome, explained filmmaker Lucia Doynel. “Always have in mind, that if it happened to you, there’s a big chance that it happened to others and many of them will relate your story,” she said. “There is always value in sharing your hero’s journey.”

Tip #4 – Know the time-honored recipe.

You can always deviate from the standard approach, but it’s imperative you understand basic story structure to innovate conscientiously. Standard story elements include:

  • a strong introduction
  • a primary actor (protagonist) who wants to achieve something
  • elements standing in the way of their success
  • climax
  • (What’s that?)


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