What Exactly is the Story of Your Brand? (Part 2 of 2)

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#2 – What has happened over time? People want to know what’s happened at your business. It helps describe how established you are and how you’ve changed. It can be especially impressive to describe how you’ve grown. Some companies even create fantasies in their marketing videos, faux-histories of their brand.

#3 – What people have guided your company? Character development is crucial to engaging people in a narrative. Who are the characters in your business’s story? What has given them inspiration? Who first interested them in the industry?

#4 – In what ways have you made missteps? By thinking about how you’ve failed, you can confidently demonstrate that your company is human; your brand is able to accept mistakes and learn from them. This self-deprecating tactic helps people trust you.

#5 – Are there gaps along the way? You want to think about the things that seem unrelated to your journey. Your characters haven’t always been moving directly forward. Did someone take a year off and do something interesting, possibly related to how it made them think differently about the business? In the case of the company, the “gap” could be a year that was unsuccessful.


Williams’ comments are helpful in terms of framing your company within the context of a story, so you can build intrigue around your brand and better engage. Beyond this discussion, do you need help telling your brand’s story? At Golden Arm Media, we strategically crafting imagery and sound, invoking a series of emotions in your viewers through storytelling your brand.

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