What Exactly is the Story of Your Brand?

When you determine how to tell your brand’s story, you can create compelling content that engages your viewers and turns them into customers. Here are 5 questions to guide you in storytelling.

Literary scholar Jonathan Gottschall has argued that fiction is more influential in altering people’s perspective than point-by-point expository writing is. Indeed, psychological studies suggests the extent to which a reader is engrossed in a tale will determine how much it affects their beliefs. Commenting on the studies, Gottschall said that “[h]ighly absorbed readers also detected significantly fewer ‘false notes’ in stories—inaccuracies, missteps—than less transported readers.”

Story is powerful because it can effectuate change, and that’s exactly what businesses need when they talk about raising their conversion, turning skeptical shoppers into convinced buyers.

It’s a business, though, not a Hollywood movie; so, shifting from description to narration can feel confusing. To turn your knowledge of your brand into a story that’s packaged to facilitate your growth, ask yourself these five questions from Debbie Williams of the Content Marketing Institute:

#1 – Why do you exist? You want to think about what is critical about your brand – what gives it meaning and differentiates it from other options. By considering your core attributes that make you special, you can better present your brand to people as unique and worthy of their time.

Questions 2-5 continue below.

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