What Viral Video Social Metrics Are Actually Valuable?

  • Awareness
  • Attitude
  • Engagement

It’s easy to oversimplify or underestimate the impact of a video – especially when it’s tied to other marketing efforts. Specifically, there is far too much emphasis put on the number of views. The data on average number of views for video can be misleading if you look at it in isolation.

Instead of thinking in terms of the raw number of views, you might want to look at three broader concepts:

1. Awareness

What you want is awareness, not just a “view” – because you don’t know if someone really watched it at any real length and/or got the message. “Watch time” is a much more important straightforward number you can check, notes Carla Marshall in Tubular Insights.

2. Attitude

You don’t want someone to just watch your video actually. Ideally, you want something else to happen. You want them to be moved to action, advises Greg Jarboe. To drive these actions, you want your audience to watch the video long enough to have a perspective or attitude to provide in response (whether that’s a simple like, or more powerful share or comment).

3. Engagement

What you need is of course not just a change in the way people think but for them to be engaged – spreading your video on social media, writing about it, visiting your site, and buying your service. “Create a distribution, publication and marketing strategy around your video to attract as much engagement as possible,” says Marshall. “The more people that you reach, the more chance you have of being shared, liked and written about.”


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