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What’s the Best Platform for Embedding Marketing Videos on Your Website?

Where should you upload your video?

When you make a marketing video and want to get it out to as wide an audience as possible, it’s important to remember that the various social platforms are in competition. For that reason, it’s a good idea to upload it natively to each one. The answer to this question, then, is “everywhere.”

What platform is best to embed video, Facebook or YouTube?

Post the video everywhere on social media… But what about embedding it to your site?

In the Moz Q&A, Phil Nottingham noted that embedding via YouTube does NOT have an SEO benefit on Google or elsewhere.

Matthew Barnett of Verbate advised that Facebook is generally a better choice for things that are more day-to-day. “Platforms such as Facebook & Twitter are time dependent conversation platforms,” he said. “YouTube content has much greater longevity and benefits from discovery.”

Come from behind victory: Wistia

So, assuming your content is a standalone piece to deliver sustained value, is YouTube the best choice? Probably not – and for a couple reasons:

YouTube wants to get users onto the platform and keep them there, suggested Steph Goodman. Goodman noted that if you embed YouTube, additional content or hooks will be used to try to draw viewers from your site onto the network.

Plus, noted Anish Patel, on-site optimization isn’t possible with YouTube. “Choose a host such a Wistia so you can optimize your video on your website and market the video on YouTube,” he said.


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