Why is Storytelling an Incredible Way to Connect With Customers? (Part 2)

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  • Storytelling simply lights up our brains more (cont.)
  • Actionable storytelling strategies

Storytelling simply lights up our brains more (cont.)

In fact, storytelling goes beyond simply making our brains more broadly active. It actually can even allow our brains to synchronize, according to research from Princeton University professor Uri Hasson. Hasson found that when a storyteller’s frontal cortex or insula (emotional area) were activated, the same region of the listeners’ brains lit up – essentially creating a shared neurological experience.

Actionable storytelling strategies

Using a review from Ohio State University, Psychology Today details strategies to turn your marketing videos into engaging stories:

  • Infuse your story with the element of suspense. One study found that almost 9 in 10 people who start a logic puzzle complete it even when told they can quit.
  • Get more elaborate and specific with language so you can better control the parameters and experience of the fantastical world.
  • Leverage metaphors, irony, and other time-honored narrative techniques. Animal Farm is a great example of allegory – turning the depressing notion of Stalinism into the more approachable tale of pigs on a farm.
  • Create models. Stories work especially well when they provide an example for the listener’s behavior – as with testimonials or success stories.


Hopefully the above strategies help you build more powerful stories for your business. Beyond those tactics, could you use a hand with your videomaking? At Golden Arm Media, we amplify your online marketing and sales through compelling visual content that converts your ideal customers.

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