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Why is Video So Important to Creating Engagement?

“The real story of the last year in social marketing is the continued move to video as a core aspect of both networks and marketing campaigns.” – Kimberlee Morrison, Adweek

Powerhouses of content marketing & imagery

To trust the trends lists for 2017 and comments such as the above, it would seem that video has arrived – and is now a central marketing force. That’s in part because content marketing is neck-and-neck with big data as the top overall trend for marketers, per Smart Insights. However, video is rising astronomically, in its own right.

Before we look straight at video, a few statistics make it clear both how critical visuals have become to user engagement and why that makes sense psychologically:

  • 40% of people respond better to visuals than text. (The Next Web)
  • Video and photo albums result in 180% higher Facebook engagement. (OpenView Labs)
  • Visual processing in the brain is 30 times faster than the blink of an eye. (MIT / Science ABC).

Marketers lagging behind user demand

The place that video is creating the most impressive engagement is on social media – a great space in which to foster differentiation because supply is not aligned with demand. While Facebook videos rack up about 267 million view per day (yes, per day), video is the least-posted content marketing type.

Kimberlee Morrison of Adweek (quoted above) says that Twitter deserves attention, especially now that Vines have a longer time limit. However, Facebook is the crux: 63.5% of respondents to a recent poll said it is their preferred place to share video.


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