Why should businesses use webinars? Increased Sales, Traffic, and More!

With increasing numbers of self-employed entrepreneurs, many people now work at home and start their own online businesses. In Forbes’s list of Top 50 social media influencers, not surprisingly, many of them made their way to the top by utilizing their powerful blogs and online businesses.

These entrepreneurs started with creating and sharing successful business tips and personal expertise on their own blogs/websites to accumulate their fan base. Gradually, they established high-profile personal brands, and then developed exclusive content to registered members or paid users only. The content they sell includes online courses, e-books, daily newsletters, or one-on-one consulting.

A wide variety of formats can bring considerable revenue for these entrepreneurs, however, success typically doesn’t happen overnight, right? Success takes tons of talent, efforts, and time to achieve. Many entrepreneurs spend five to ten years to build their businesses and get enough subscribers to really make it big.

You might ask if there is a more efficient way Well…let’s take a look at Mariah Cozs story. Different from other online entrepreneurs that leverage blogs and social media, Mariah Coz chose webinars as her key weapon.

Mariah dived into online business when she was a full-time student. At that time, she ran an e-commerce shop, a design/build blog selling services and products, and Femtrepreneur- her own brand and online courses. On March 2015, Mariah hosted her first webinar. She spent 24 hours to preparing for it, notify her audience and figure out the tech side. Within one hour, she made $4000. Since that moment, Mariah realized the power of webinars and invested more in them. In the next following year, she hosted around fifty webinars, growing her email list to over 8,000 people and making over six figures each month!

Mariah shares six crucial reasons why small business owners or self-employed entrepreneurs should start doing webinars:

  1. Grow a scalable email list in a short time. When you host an event, all participants can be converted into your email list and become your potential customers.
  2. Create real-time engagement with the audience by responding to a streaming chat or answering their questions face-to-face.   
  3. Build industry relationships by teaming up with other lecturers. Hosting a joint-event is a win-win, because both of you get the access to reach your partners’ networks and audience.
  4. Accumulate raving fans effectively. Webinars allow you to reach hundreds of people at one time, each of your audience can potentially spread the word out and spur testimonial for your online products/services.
  5. Create reusable content. After spending tons of time preparing top-notch webinar content; it would be a huge waste not to reuse it. The webinar content can easily be transformed into blog articles, audio/video for YouTube, several social media posts, or permanent parts of sales funnels if you post it on another channel.  
  6. Establish your brand and stand out. The more content you share, the more likely general public recognize you. Your authority increases as well. Webinars help you to become the go-to person in your niche.

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