Why The Gamer Crowd, Is The Group, To Market To, On You Tube.

Why The Gamer Crowd Is The Group To Market To On You Tube

Gaming has become a major part of today’s culture. Whether it’s music, sports, or television, gaming has taken over how people view videos on YouTube.

Gamers are like a dream from an advertisers viewpoint. Their high engagement in video and the media makes them a perfect target audience. Even if your company’s brand isn’t part of the gaming field, you can still effectively market to this group.

In October 2014, a Google consumer survey fielded people who said that they viewed gaming videos on You Tube. Of the people surveyed, only 37 percent said they identified as “gamers”. When asked what compelled them to watch gaming videos, the viewers mentioned entertainment, humor and learning new strategies as the driving forces.

This is great news for marketing your company’s brand. The factors that draw members of the gaming crowd to watch these videos are all factors that you can and should use to market your message to the gaming crowd on You Tube.

To the make the most of your content, consider placing ads with established or growing You Tube channels that have a passionate gaming fan base. It could also be useful to partner with gaming creators to form a genuine experience that reflects on your brand.

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