Why you should, Upload videos, directly to Facebook.

Why you should upload videos directly to Facebook

If you are looking for a higher engagement of viewing on your videos, you should post directly to Facebook.

While YouTube is still the top video viewing sites, Facebook is growing rapidly in the video space. Facebook receives more daily video views than You Tube. One factor that contributes to this is because videos directly uploaded to Facebook auto play when people are scrolling through their news feeds.

This is incredibly helpful to your business because people are more susceptible to watch your videos if they automatically start playing without having to click on a link to view. Facebook also weights all of its posts and native Facebook videos take higher priority over other video spaces.

Interaction also boosts the weight that a certain post holds. The more likes and comments that are on your video posts, the more likely it is that your post will show up on the news feed.

We recommend posting to other platforms such as YouTube to increase engagement with your viewers.

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