5 Questions to Consider When Deciding to Hire a Production Company or Film In-House

Certainly every business wants to cut costs, but deciding where to save your money can be tricky. When it comes to video production, you want to make sure your content is well-crafted, but is it actually necessary to hire a production company or can you film your project on your own? Here are a few questions to consider when making this decision.

Question #1 – What kind of video are you creating?

Depending on the type of video you’re making, the amount of time and effort worth putting into its production can vary. It’s helpful to make a distinction between a premium video and a video for a weekly blog, for example. Premium videos are those that are meant to convert people and are typically evergreen marketing videos; high-tier videos that you might put on your business’ homepage. These homepage and sales videos, meant to highlight who you are and what you do, are the types of content that should be shot professionally.

With other videos that are more informative and instructive in nature – video blogs, behind-the-scenes content, and even some testimonials – you can definitely get away with making them in-house. Similarly, you don’t necessarily need a video production company for periodic educational videos, such as customer service videos in which you use screen-shares or answer common questions. Those types of videos can usually be created on a minimal budget by members of your team.

Another way to make this distinction is to determine whether there is a strong marketing script behind the video. If a really on-point message must be delivered, it’s better to work with someone who specializes in that kind of messaging. If your video is more informational and content-driven, and therefore less focused on messaging and conversions, then that’s where in-house production is an option.

Question #2 – What kind of brand do you have?

Are you the face of your brand, or is there a face to your company that lends itself to shooting wide-style, in-house videos? Are you a brand that needs to present itself in a more professional light? Perhaps you deal with high-end products or offer professional consulting services. In such cases, the aesthetic of the brand needs to be very polished. On the other hand, perhaps you’re a local business trying to let people know about a great deal going on for a limited time. In that case, a polished aesthetic isn’t as important; you can get away with lower quality or simpler video production.

The point is that your brand’s personality plays a huge role in determining the look and feel of your videos. Take some time to figure out what your brand is all about before deciding the most appropriate way to approach your videos.

Question #3 – Does someone on your team have the talent?

Is there someone on your team who is already experienced with film or who is interested enough to take on the project and learn about scripting, shooting, and editing? Having someone who is experienced or at least willing to pick up the basics is important to ensure in-house videos don’t turn out underwhelming.

Question #4 – Is someone on your team strong on camera?

The truth is, not everyone is a great on-camera personality. Who will be in front of the camera is an important factor to consider before deciding if you can produce the video in-house or if it needs a professional touch. Similar to Question #2, you need to be aware of your brand personality before determining the type of person you put in front of the camera. If your spokesperson is charismatic and personality-driven, you can usually get away with lower quality because of their engaging nature. If you don’t have that kind of person available, it’s better to work with a company that can coach your actions and words on camera, or simply shoot other types of videos that don’t require a person in front of the lens.

Question #5 – What’s the budget?

If you’re on a shoestring, it’s better to save money with an in-house production. As your budget grows, your decision-making process becomes more about priorities and time vs. money. Is it worth putting in more time to do it in-house, or is it worth paying people who are professionals to reach that high level of quality and take that work off of your team’s plate? In the end, it comes down to where your individual business stands in terms of resources and talent.


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