A Streamlined Game Plan for Creating Testimonial Videos

You’ve just started a homemade gumball company in Austin, Texas. You know your company needs testimonial videos if you want to become a renowned gumball supplier – one known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, the local economy, and artisanal gum-making – and you know your videos need to appear authentic and professional. So, how do you proceed?

We worked with our friends at Busivid to create a video series about filming testimonials for one of our clients and have interspersed some relevant excerpts with our how-to recommendations below. Please note: the advice in this series is focused on getting active fast – starting production right away with nothing more than an iPhone and perhaps a tripod.

Quick-Start Filming of Strong Testimonials

Before you begin filming, make sure that everyone in the room has their phone either off or in airplane mode. The last thing you want is someone’s ringtone ruining what otherwise would have been a perfect take.

Video requires substantial power, so make sure you have plenty of remaining battery and memory. If you are filming with an iPhone, you want to have at least 25% battery (probably more for multiple takes). You also want to be certain at least 3 gigabytes of memory are free. Within Settings > Photos & Camera, make sure you are capturing video as “1080p at 30 fps” – it’s better for uploading than 4K.

Sound is critical. Yes, your iPhone can shoot a great image, but its microphone usually won’t give you the audio quality you need. Get a lapel microphone, and position it on the speaker’s top so that it’s a maximum of 8 inches away from their mouth. Ensure that the tip points upward and is not rubbing against any clothing.

Prepare to shoot horizontally rather than vertically. Either attach the iPhone to a tripod (better for consistent quality), or shoot handheld.

It also helps to prepare your language ahead of time, replacing any “yes or no” questions with open-ended ones so that your customer can give full, meaningful answers.

Note that if you start and stop filming after each take, you won’t even necessarily have to edit these videos.

Once you get a good take of the testimonial, simply unplug the lapel mic, open your Camera Roll, check the volume, and play back the video.

 An Engaged Customer: Warm-Ups & Enthusiasm

If you want your customer to give you a great testimonial, you have to make them feel at ease in front of the camera. When initially asking your subject how they might feel about doing a testimonial, it usually helps to mention that you will use an iPhone. Large, complex video equipment can be intimidating. Simply letting the customer know that you are using something as simple and common as an iPhone, rather than any highly technical equipment, removes potential stress from the situation.

Stay focused on your customer throughout the process. Make small talk with them as you set up the equipment. Ask them how their day is going. Try to get the conversation flowing beforehand so that their testimonial feels natural.

Finally, coach them. Ask if you can correct anything they are saying or doing that might detract from their testimonial during filming. Although you may be dealing with delicate egos or timid customers, be aware that they want to give a good performance too.


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