Improve your video production quality with better lighting

Expose Your Brand With Proper Lighting

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When it comes to video production quality, it’s about more than just your camera or the talent you work with. A well put together video is the summation of a variety of elements from picture quality, to sound, to animation, and so on. One of the most important of these elements is your set’s lighting.

Lighting can make the difference between a washed-out, unprofessional-looking production and a visually captivating, compelling story. With that in mind, anyone looking to produce videos, whether for business or simply for pleasure, should know how to set up a 4-point lighting scheme.

Effective lighting is particularly useful in that it motivates the camera’s movement and compels the viewer to look in certain areas on screen. The first and most important element to your 4-point lighting is what is called the “key light”. This is the brightest of your four lights and indicates the key point of interest on camera, usually your subject or talent. Next is the “fill light”, which compliments the key light by filling in the areas where the key light lacks. The fill light is usually softer, placed from the side, and adds dimension to your subject’s features.

To add further dimension to your subject on camera, you must then add the “backlight”, which is placed behind and above your focus so as to light the hair and shoulders of your talent. Lastly, to complete your 4-point lighting scheme, you must add the “background light”. Though not entirely necessary, this light helps to complete the video’s three-dimensional look by adding contrast between your subject and the background.

Setting up lighting such as this will make your videos pop and more easily keep the attention of any viewers so you can better expose your brand in the marketplace.

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If you’d like to see effective lighting in action, be sure to check out Golden Arm’s portfolio here:

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