How to Create an Explainer Video that Converts

Nowadays it’s common knowledge that video is incredibly powerful as an online medium. In business, though, companies rely on real, concrete data to make decisions on where to place their resources. How powerful is video, then, in objective numbers? Frankly, the answer isn’t all that easy to find; search results on the topic are dominated by companies within the video and marketing industries that have a vested interest in displaying impressive (though sometimes slanted or poorly vetted) statistics.

Some of the most compelling data on this subject comes from an article in the UK’s Digital Marketing Magazine. The findings, based on a study conducted by research firm The Aberdeen Group (albeit funded by a marketer) reveal that the average conversion rate for sites that use video vs. those that do not is 4.8% to 2.9%.

Video gets results, and one of the chief types of video that resonates with consumers is the explainer video. An explainer video is typically animated and does not require you to be on-screen. These short, fun, and informative videos convey your product or service entertainingly, usually in 60-90 seconds. Done well, this type of video can go beyond increasing conversions to reducing your volume of support requests by anticipating the questions and problems of customers ahead of time.

How can you make an explainer video that is captivating enough to turn idle viewers into confident buyers? We’ve outlined some helpful tips below.

Make it a Story

It’s important to remember that no single approach to video will work for every business or product. What has proven effective time and again, however, is the power of telling a story. Viewers make stronger connections with the experience of an individual, even if it’s fictitious. Instead of saying, “We’re this company and we do this,” it is usually more effective to personify the purpose behind your business with a single character that represents your target customer. That character can then be used in your explainer video to demonstrate how your business helps customers solve their problems.

Make it About Them

It’s also important to focus on the customer’s perspective and make your explainer video as relevant to them as possible as you develop its language and tone. It’s fine to include a little information about your brand’s own story or mission, but the focus should really be on how you can meet your customer’s needs.

Keep it Short & Simple

These videos should be two minutes or less. Don’t dive too deeply into technical aspects. Explainer videos are meant to be informative, but trying to cover every single aspect of your brand or every issue customers may have is simply unrealistic. Let your website, customer service team, and other brand channels cover the finer details of your product or service.

Embrace Your Personality

It’s a wise idea to fully “own” a personality. You may want to play it safe, but that typically results in a dull video. People love brands that showcase a more human personality and give them something they can identify with. Whether it’s friendly, whimsical, mysterious, or edgy (or whatever attribute is most representative of your brand), developing a personality is key to keeping customers interested and developing a consistent, trustworthy feel to your brand.

Finally, once you’ve got your explainer video concepted, scripted, and more or less finalized, hire high-quality voiceover talent to bring your video to life. Be sure to select someone that will sound natural and authentic rather than dry, stiff, and conventional. Use voiceover artists with performance skills instead of hiring someone off Fiverr who is just going to read their lines in a standard, corporate-commercial kind of voice. The right voice on your video can make a world of difference when it comes to getting your message across to consumers.

If you want more details on making effective explainer videos, check out our 7 Things You Need to Know to Make Explainer Videos That Convert.


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