How to Start Video Blogging for your Business

Few days ago, we shared an inspirational story about how a schoolteacher becomes a millionaire vlogger by creating her own YouTube channel. As a business owner, you cannot over-emphasize the importance to stay up-to-date with the ever changing trends that the business world throws at you. You probably have thought about building your own video channel to promote your own business as well, but don’t know how to start off. Here are some tips for you.

  1. Pick a topic to vlog about. You should be passionate about it, and a bit knowledgeable.
    The vlog topic could be certain skillset you’ve learned from your job, an expertise you are good at, or something related to your business. It can be anything, as long as you can share a unique and valuable perspective to your viewers and differentiate yourself from other vloggers.
  1. Get a YouTube account, make sure to upload profile and banner images, and come up with a catchy name for your channel.
    Think of it as a contest for people’s attention. Bring your personality into the username and make it interesting.
  1. Make about ten or more really good videos regularly to secure your followers.
    Have a foundation of at least ten solid videos to get started, and commit to adding new content consistently on a weekly basis or more.
  1. To gain brand awareness, post one of those videos to a related and well-known video as a video response.
    As a vlogger, you should actively participate in online community. Making an insightful comment on others’ channels, not only help you to gain brand exposure but also provide an opportunity to network with other opinion leaders.
  1. Keep being active – nobody is going be interested if you don’t post any videos for years.
    We know it’s hard to come up with vlog idea every day. But try to set a weekly goal for yourself, at least, upload three to four times a week.
  1. Add calls to action and other links to engage viewers within your videos.
    The common call-to-action include asking viewers to share videos on their own social media, subscribing to your channel and asking them to watch other videos.
  1. Once you have a good reputation in the Youtube community, try to become a Youtube partner to make money from ad revenue.
    This is how most of the vloggers earn their money. When you become a YoutTube partner, YouTube will pay you to allow advertisements to be displayed on your video. Plus, your video will appear more often in search results.
  1. Interact with your followers!
    Spend time to respond to comments and feedback you receive. This strengthens your relationship with your followers, and they will keep supporting you in the future. It also lets you know what they want to see from you, ensuring they’ll keep coming back for more.

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