Our 4 step process, to produce, engaging, testimonial videos.

Our 4 Step Process For Producing Engaging Video Testimonials


Testimonial videos are one of the best types of videos to create when trying to establish trust and credibility. To ensure the most effective of message, we’ve created a 4 step process to produce the most engaging testimonial videos.

  1. Define a specific objective. What is your testimonial going to achieve? What’s the core message? Decide the key point you want your customer to discuss that will resonate the most with your target market. Then, choose customers whose experiences with your business align with that message and target market. 
  2. Preparing to shoot.  Make sure your subject develops the right mindset before starting the shoot. This may include preparing them on how to respond to questions, not necessarily the content of the questions but the manner and tone in which they answer them. Icebreaker questions are a great way to loosen subjects up. You also might want to discuss what kind of attire your subject should wear during the video. 
  3. Production phase. The subject has to be loose going into the video shoot.  Calm and comfortable subjects deliver better testimonials. Once questions have been asked and your subject gives good thorough responses, you should have them repeat those responses in a more concise answer for an additional shorter soundbite. 
  4. Postproduction phase. The final step is where the testimonial video comes together. After assembling your video footage, find moments that best address the problem that your service provides the solution to. You then edit that footage down and your final product should be an effective testimonial for future clients to see.

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