Methods, for outlining, video blogs, produces better results.

Outlining Your Video Blog for Better Results

Forming a video blog is a great way to produce consistent content, but finding the key message of the blog can be difficult. We’ve created simple methods to outline your thoughts so that your blog is more effective and converts more customers.

Before you do anything, ask questions. What is the blog about? What are you trying to say? This will help you keep track of not only what to say, but what not to say.

Identify who your target market is. Who’s going to be watching your video? Are they male, female, young, old? Maybe they have a certain political or religious stance. These are all important things to take into consideration before speaking in your video blog.

You then create an outline for your video. Start with a topic sentence that will draw the viewer in. This could be posed, as a question like “Do you ever have trouble making video blogs”? Or it could be as simple as introducing yourself and explaining what you will be discussing.

Next you should create a small bulleted list with 3 or 4 key talking points. These could be single words or short phrases.

Finally write a conclusion sentence to wrap the blog up. This could be a creative tagline or a simple sign off like “see you next time!”

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