The Top 6 Budget-Friendly Videos for Your Brand

We all know the value of good digital content. Consistently posting high-quality, informational pieces in various formats (text, images, and video) is a powerful way to improve search rankings and engagement.

A poll of 235 marketers found that 71% believed video was a more effective conversion tool than any other marketing medium. What’s more, 69% of marketers said they were planning to increase their video budgets.

Unfortunately, your video production funds will never be unlimited. Nevertheless, there are ways to embrace video while keeping costs low. Here are six approaches that won’t break the bank.

Video Blogs

Video blogging (also known as vlogging) is compelling for a number of reasons. It is an avenue through which you can humanize your brand for your customers and thereby improve trust. It is a tactic that has been adopted by the Internet elite, including Microsoft and former Google web spam chief Matt Cutts. Plus, search engines love video blogs: more than 3 in 5 Google universal searches currently contain video.

Single-Camera Testimonials (no B-roll)

With simple testimonials, you want to ask your customers questions such as, “How was the product or service?”; “What was the experience like?”; and, “What kinds of results did you get?” When you have the takes you need, it’s easy to edit those answers together into a single video. Filming testimonials is one of the lowest-cost services that many video production companies offer. Don’t hesitate to invite loyal customers to come in and have their experience captured on camera. They’ll often be glad to support your brand.


This method allows you to guide your viewers in real time, showing them how to complete a task or troubleshoot an issue step by step. A typical context for this tactic is helping with frequently asked questions that come through customer service. This format of video, also called a screencast, presents an image of someone performing a computer task, along with a voiceover describing each step. Sometimes screen-share videos feature direct face-time via webcam for a personal touch.


If you have a presentation, you can use a program such as Camtasia (a video editor developed by TechSmith) to record a voiceover for your presentation. Five of the most commonly used tools for slideshows are Windows Movie Maker, Picasa, PhotoSnack, Animoto, and Freemake Video Converter. TechLila particularly recommends Freemake Video Converter for those who want a streamlined option without any confusion or complexities.

Product Reviews or Demos (live-action)

In order for people to really trust your brand, you have to show your products up-close and in action. If you think it sounds boring or uninspiring to simply do showcase videos for each of your products, consider the studies that suggest this method improves the likelihood of a sale by 64-85%.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are voiceover videos that follow real-time explanatory illustrations as they are created. This whiteboard animation from TruScribe explains why such videos are so effective. In particular, they have become increasingly popular for their visually-stimulating, easy-to-follow feel. When considering a whiteboard animation, you typically have two options: a low-end, Fiverr-style version, and a high-end version professionally executed with full messaging and creative. Well-done, professional whiteboards cost 5-6 times as much as those for which you just hand someone your script and they pair it with template graphics. Skillfully constructed whiteboard presentations are completely custom-made.


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