Who we are

A family-owned and operated business, we were founded in 2011 by Alex Murphy and father Don Murphy. An Austinite since middle school, Alex graduated from the Radio-TV-Film program at UT. His passion for visual storytelling and sharing the vision of entrepreneurs drove him to ask Don for capital to start his own video production company.

Don, an experienced manager and entrepreneur himself, understood the unique challenges faced by small businesspeople. Instead of just helping get Alex started, he choose to take the leap and co-found the company with his son.

Sarah Murphy (Alex’s wife) joined the ever-growing GAMily. As a psychology major and previous media researcher, she loves using analytics and data-driven marketing to help us craft more effective, targeted videos.


Our mission is to empower Austin small businesses with the video content, tools and resources they need to help amplify their message, grow their brand and increase their return on investment. Our work is focused on more than our product – it’s about the feelings of trust, care and commitment that our clients experience working alongside us.

Through our videos, we create stronger connections between businesses and customers in an ever-growing, prosperous Austin community that buys & sells products and services in a trustworthy, transparent and purpose-driven manner.

We envision a world where there is quality video on EVERY small business website!


Alex Murphy

CEO | Narrative Strategist

Don Murphy

CFO | Production Manager

Sarah Murphy

Chief Community Officer

Chris Van Loan

Director of Content | Photography

Tiara Marshall

Lead Animator  | Graphic Design

Hannah Laamoumi

Director of Post-Production

Alex Gilbert

Brand Storyteller


Located on Located on North Lamar at 183/ Anderson Lane
7801 North Lamar Blvd, Ste F12, Austin, TX 78752

You’ll find us on the north side of Building F, the one with yellow trim.

We love hosting events that build community, educate, and empower local business owners.
If you’re looking for a space to  host an event, please reach out to us!


Ever hear the expression “he/she’s got a Golden Arm”? It’s a classic baseball saying about a player (usually a pitcher) who can throw the ball very fast and with consistency and precision.

I was a leftie pitcher growing up, and when deciding upon a name for our company, I wanted something that inspired feelings of strength and dependability.

For me, I consider my time on the baseball diamond some of the best life lessons I’ve learned. I knew skills I developed as a pitcher would help me in business: the razor-sharp focus to concentrate on the present moment, the “big picture” mindset of holding so many moving elements together, the calmness to execute under pressure, the spirit of working with a team for a common goal, and much more.

Also, my initials are A.R.M. *mic drop*