Who we are

A family-owned and operated business, Golden Arm Media was founded in 2011 by Alex Murphy and father Don Murphy. An Austinite since middle school, Alex graduated from the Radio-TV-Film program at UT.

Don, an experienced manager and entrepreneur himself, understood the unique challenges faced by small businesspeople. Instead of just helping get Alex started, he choose to take the leap and co-found the company with his son.

Now a team of seven story-driven marketers, we’re passionate about delivering compelling content for our clients that drives real brand growth and ROI.


Alex Murphy

CEO | Narrative Strategist

Don Murphy

Co-Founder | Operations Manager

Sarah Murphy

Chief Growth Officer

Hannah Laamoumi

Director of Post-Production

Tiara Marshall

Lead Animator  | Graphic Design

Nik Szpak

Copywriter | Account Manager

Melissa Blackman

Lead Editor

Cassie Craig

Head of Production