Videos are the #1 way to boost your SEO, form a personal connection with your audience, and convert more leads. By strategically crafting imagery and sound, we are able to invoke a series of emotions in your viewers through storytelling your brand.

Our video content entertains and influences your audience by connecting their minds and emotions with your product or service.



Customers want to understand who you are, and why you are doing what your are – and there is no better way to tell them than directly through a showcase video. We take a holistic, narrative approach by tying in your larger brand story into your showcase video or commercial. Showcase videos range from single in-studio shoots to cinematic brand films and can highlights many areas, including:

  • Products & Services
  • Purpose & Mission
  • Team, History & Culture
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Community or Global Impact
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When purchasing a product or service, people are more swayed by genuine endorsements from real people. Video testimonials establish trust and credibility through storytelling, allowing customers to put themselves “in the shoes” of someone facing a similar problem, and how your company helped solve that problem.

We craft testimonials and customer success stories that fully align with your marketing message and company narrative to strongly resonate with your target audience.


Many months are spent preparing for all of the logistics required for a big event – then, after a few days, it’s over. And what’s left to show for it? We help boost your events through multimedia to attract more participants, connect with a wider audience while it’s happening, and package content that can be sold or used to promote future events for greater influence and to maximize the reach, impact and revenue of your event.


As a skilled professional in your field, you have unique knowledge and expertise that can benefit others. At Golden Arm, we specialize in producing engaging educational course videos will help you monetize your experience by sharing it with a global audience. 


Creating consistent, value-driven video content for your blog, YouTube, social media channels, and email campaigns is a great way to engage your audience, grow your brand and become an authority in your industry. We help you market your videos in an effective manner by optimizing for SEO, producing full written transcriptions for repurposing as blog articles, advise on social advertising for your content, and more.

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