Finding Power and Purpose in Your Life Story | Jessica Hagemann on The Content Engine

Jessica Hagemann understands the power of a compelling narrative because she storytells others’ lives every day. An award-winning author and founder of Cider Spoon Stories, Jessica specializes in helping seniors and veterans write their life stories, as well as helping small business owners grow their personal brands through books on their areas of expertise. No matter what you need written, Jessica can write it professionally and efficiently.

On this episode, Jessica and Alex discuss the process of developing narratives, how to find your authentic voice, and the challenges Jessica has faced in growing her business and storytelling the lives of other people.


Alex introduces Jessica to the show. [00:33]

Jessica discusses what inspired her to be a ghostwriter. [01:11]

Jessica talks about the process for developing a narrative based on true events. [02:54]

Jessica describes how she develops narratives for people with ongoing stories. [04:24]

Jessica explains how to find your authentic voice. [07:10]

Alex and Jessica discuss the importance of embracing your own story. [09:39]

Jessica describes what her narrative journey would be in her own book. [11:43]

Jessica talks about the challenges she’s faced in growing her business. [14:15]

Jessica explains how business owners and freelancers can form a good working relationship. [16:38]

Alex thanks Jessica and concludes the show. [17:51]


1. “Decide one thing that was important to you during your life and then the stories that we pick reflect the achievements of that ultimate goal or the non-achievement of it.” [03:29]

2. “Those things that are so attractive about stories when we’re young, never go away. Stories are still stories and they continue to capture the imagination and teach us things no matter what age we are.” [07:34]

3. “Seeing those stories encapsulated and having proof that you existed and that your life mattered is really powerful for everyone.” [10:44]

4. “My story would be one of following your passion but also doing your homework along the way, to make sure it is as successful as possible.” [13:44]

5. “There’s always going to be naysayers and there’s always going to be people who don’t like you for whatever reason…but just try, even though it’s really hard, not to take it personally when you get criticism and instead really consider it objectively.” [15:23]

6. “It’s not about my vision. As the writer, I’m really bringing to life somebody else’s vision.” [17:28]


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