Developing Core Content to Accelerate Lead Generation | Matthew Pollard on The Content Engine

You’re in a crowded marketplace. Sales have slowed because your business really only competes on price. How do you turn things around? You call Matthew Pollard.

Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, business coach, and founder of the Rapid Growth Academy, Matthew Pollard understands that business success is about more than just tactics. It’s about honing in on your passion, crafting your story, and bringing unique value to the marketplace.

On part two of Matthew’s episode, Alex and Matthew discuss the advantages of a story-first selling approach, the need for evergreen content, and how to structure the core blog posts that will fuel your lead generation strategy.


Alex recaps part one of Matthew’s episode and introduces the topics in part two. [00:00]

Alex and Matthew discuss the advantages of storytelling over purely factual arguments. [01:48]

Matthew explains why testimonials are powerful social proof for your business. [08:20]

Alex and Matthew discuss why core blog posts are so important. [11:52]

Matthew outlines how to structure your content and focus on customer personas. [17:00]

Matthew gives advice to introverts on how to storytell with video. [21:26]

Alex and Matthew talk about the importance of a long-term strategy and sales system. [26:40]

Alex thanks Matthew and concludes the show. [30:43]


1. “The most important thing that I found with story is that it allowed me to be authentic.” [03:25]

2. “People are always worried about the cost of something and they look at it as a cost center. It’s [really] a profit center, because you should be able to leverage this stuff forever.” [10:12]

3. “You should always imagine your content to have a backbone, because it all has to come back to a central place.” [12:24]

4. “Step by step, we develop a relationship where they’ve already received more value than I’ll ever charge them for the first amount of working with me. That’s the way you build a business these days.” [16:13]

5. “I’ll always use the story externally first because I want to get practiced at telling it. I also want to validate that it has the impact that I’m looking for.” [21:43]

6. “Video is an absolute waste of time without a strategy. Video is an expensive mistake if you don’t have a system.” [25:25]


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