Crafting a Unified Message to Command Your Own Market Niche | Matthew Pollard on The Content Engine

You’re in a crowded marketplace. Sales have slowed because your business really only competes on price. How do you turn things around? You call Matthew Pollard.

Serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, business coach, and founder of the Rapid Growth Academy, Matthew Pollard understands that business success is about more than just tactics. It’s about honing in on your passion, crafting your story, and bringing unique value to the marketplace.

On this episode, Alex and Matthew discuss the power of developing your unified message, creating your own market niche, and using your passion to fuel rapid growth in your business.


Alex discusses Matthew’s work. [00:30]

Alex welcomes Matthew to the show. [01:42]

Matthew talks about his process for developing a unified message. [02:33]

Matthew uses the “China Success Coach” as an example for creating your own niche market. [06:30]

Matthew discusses using your passion to fuel rapid growth. [14:14]

Matthew explains how to find niche customers for your unique market. [19:20]

Alex concludes part one of Matthew’s episode. [24:32]


1. “I see rapid growth as a rocket ship. If it’s pointed slightly the wrong direction it burns up, if the foundations aren’t strong it doesn’t get off the platform.” [06:19]

2. “Everybody’s got unique experiences, unique customers that have allowed them to learn how to look after a specific demographic of people. Unique education, unique upbringings, we all have them that perfectly qualify us to create something amazing for a demographic of people that will appreciate it.” [12:53]

3. “Most people have forgotten what they’re passionate about because they traded it in for what’s a good idea right now.” [15:05]

4. “The term ‘I’m the Rapid Growth Guy,’ gets me heard in a crowded market and that’s the power of having that unified message.” [22:54]

5. “The biggest piece of advice I can give people is focus on working on your business and not just on making the procedures better, but the marketing of your business [as well]. And then move forward.” [24:19]


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