Building a Digital Ecosystem that Drives Conversions | Nick Alter on The Content Engine

For the past seven years, Nick Alter has been offering his expertise in brand development and online marketing strategies to help grow dozens of brands. In 2011, Nick took his consulting to the next level by bringing together some of the most talented multimedia and digital experts to found Alter Endeavors in Austin, Texas. Now Alter Endeavors is a full service digital communications agency helping clients drive conversions through innovative digital marketing solutions.

On this episode, Alex and Nick discuss building your brand’s digital ecosystem, creating content that actually converts, and how successful companies learn to stop “selling” their brand and celebrate it instead.


Alex introduces Nick Alter to the show. [00:27]

Nick talks about his business and what he does for a living. [01:09]

Nick explains the concept of a “digital ecosystem.” [02:13]

Nick gives advice about connecting brand voice to content. [05:15]

Nick discusses using a brand bible to create a roadmap for your company. [06:38]

Nick explains the importance of owned media. [10:47]

Nick discusses conversion-focused websites and calls to action. [13:36]

Nick on the differences between owned, earned, and rented media. [16:16]

Nick describes how brands can build more direct relationships with their customers. [18:40]

Alex and Nick discuss how quizzes are used to both engage consumers and collect their data. [20:47]

Nick talks about authentic content and credibility by authority. [25:27]

Nick gives advice to startups on budgeting and resource allocation. [30:13]

Nick discusses the importance of customer reviews and testimonials. [33:45]

Nick on why successful companies celebrate their brands. [35:28]

Nick mentions where to learn more about his work. [39:57]

Alex thanks Nick and concludes the show. [40:35]


1. “The idea behind a branding bible is that it creates a roadmap for a brand to actually say ‘Here’s the theoretical’ and turn that into the practical.” [06:38]

2. “Discoverability…is just one piece to a much larger puzzle.” [15:22]

3. “It’s the new economy. Data is oil, it’s energy online.” [20:21]

4. “If you’re asking me where to spend money initially, spend money on your logo. It sets the tone for so much else that happens in your brand.” [30:14]

5. “Digital cannot exist outside of context. What that means is the real world still applies; what happens offline is very much what dictates what’s happening online.” [31:06]

6. “The secret sauce to making a successful digital campaign, or marketing campaign in general, is that you have to celebrate your brand.” [35:28]


Alter Endeavors – [00:30]

Catch Engine – [19:20]

“The Confidence Code” by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay – [22:24]

Square Cow Moovers – [31:23]