3 Benefits to Transcribing Your Online Videos

When you’re publishing videos to your website or social channels, it’s worthwhile to take a little bit of extra time and money to transcribe each of those videos.

Here are three benefits to transcribing the videos you publish online:

  1. Social Engagement

Because of the silent autoplay feature on Facebook, it’s helpful to have a video’s transcript file play on screen as subtitles. As people scroll through their news feed, they’ll get a glimpse of what your video is about before actually clicking play with the sound. Captions in videos help viewers jump quickly into a story line and hooks them into watching more.

Interestingly enough, often people will watch your video all the way through without the sound and just read the subtitles instead. Of course, subtitles are also useful for hearing impaired people, which is why we still use them today.

2. SEO Boost

This especially applies to your website and YouTube. On YouTube, it’s helpful to include the transcript file with your upload because it gives Google more data to draw from.

You should always include your description, the tags, and title, but for SEO purposes, having the full breadth of all of the words spoken in your video gives Google much more information to figure out what the topic is and to whom it’s relevant. That way, it’ll show up higher in search results on the platform.

On your website, the transcript file is useful because you can include it on your webpage to boost your site’s search ranking.

Say your sales page has a four to six minute case study video. You want to transcribe that, then hide the text on your page. You don’t need to have the full transcript on it. There are ways in HTML to hide that content from the public, yet Google’s search bots can still scan the text, find keywords, and boost the page ranking for that page.

3. Repurposing Content

Once you have a video’s transcript file, you can use it to write a related blog post. Usually what we do at Golden Arm Media is film a number of video blogs, then our copywriter will review the transcript to clean up my verbiage in a blog post paired with the original video.

You can even go beyond that by taking your video content and transforming them into blog posts on other platforms. For example, you could take a three minute video and flush it out into a 1,000 or 1,500 word article on LinkedIn or Medium.

There you have it: three benefits to transcribing your videos. It’s very inexpensive (we use Rev.com, which costs around $1 a minute) and definitely worth your time.


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