3 Blogs For Small Busines to Learn about Video Marketing

3 Blogs For Small Business To Learn About Video Marketing

It’s not a secret that video is becoming a bigger and bigger parts of companies’ inbound marketing strategies. As a customer myself, whenever I browse a website, I expect to see videos which tell me more about the products or services. Without the demonstration of video, customers are less likely to make the purchase decision. However, the cost of video production intimidates most small business to give it a try. Don’t worry; we’ve got 3 resourceful video marketing blog to help you.

  1. OneMarketMedia: This Canadian-based video marketing agency specializes in helping all sizes of businesses and organization to introduce their products and services. Their blog primarily focuses on tips and advice for creating great corporate videos—which is a great place to start if you’re thinking of promoting your business via video.
  1. Video Brewery: Small businesses are also interested in leveraging the power of video to reach new customers, however, the cost may be a great burden to them. Thanks to the existence of Video Brewery, problem solved! Video Brewery is an online video marketplace where clients and video creatives can connect directly to craft a custom video. It also collects a number of statistics underlining the effectiveness of online video in engaging audiences and building awareness. Looking for a hassle-free video production experience, go check Video Brewery.
  1. ADVERBLOG: After reading our video blog recommendation, you are probably thinking of diving into video marketing sea? Hold on a second! Before you jump, read the Adverblog, a great collection of advertisements complete with expert commentary. To create an engaging video that appeals to your customers, you need to study what works and what fails. Adverblog is an online library where you can find a dozen of example of brands sailing and sinking with the prominent use of video marketing.

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