Video Summary

An introduction video for prospective patients on the Austin Perinatal homepage and social media,  to inform them about the services APA offers, as well as the professionalism, care, and expertise of Dr. Berry and his staff. We collaborated with Dr. Berry to write an effective script, filmed interplay between his staff and patients, and included former patient soundbites taken from our testimonial videos to add strong emotional appeal.

Austin Perinatal Associates Project

Dr. Berry and Austin Perinatal Associates assist women with high-risk pregnancies, helping save the lives of mothers and babies with serious potential complications.

We collaborated with APA to produce a series of nine high-quality videos for their new website, YouTube, and social media channels to increase traffic to their site, tell the story of their business, and help bring more women into their care.

Our videos included a welcome video for their website homepage, a physician referral video aimed at other doctors, an educational “What is Perinatal?” video, and six testimonial stories, one for each mother and a final “highlights” video focusing on the APA staff.

As a result of our videos and other marketing efforts, Dr. Berry told us that APA has seen a 20%+ increase in business since the release of our videos six months ago.

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