Latakoo helps businesses ,market messages, more efficiently .

Austin Startup Helps Businesses Market More Effectively

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and currently leads the country in business startups. Out of the countless startups in the Austin area, one video transferring company has found a way to leave a successful mark on the Austin business scene.

Latakoo, Inc. was cofounded in 2009 and is a video management platform that allows its users to rapidly upload and compress larger sized video files in a matter of minutes. With other software programs, the process can take hours. Latakoo empowers simplicity for consumers, producers, PR agencies, production companies, corporate video users, content delivery networks and anyone who needs to send video quickly and affordably.

Today some of the company’s biggest clients include NBC Universal, Inc. and Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.

Since the initial launch of Latakoo’s product offering in September 2010, the company has expanded its team well beyond the Austin area. They now have teams in the Ukraine, India, the Netherlands and  are even involved with the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.

The startup is continuously looking for ways to expand its business, and this platform could be the answer for your company to market your brand more effectively and efficiently.

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