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Austin Startups Changing the Game for Video & Marketing (Part III)

In recent years, Austin, Texas has grown into a diverse hub for technology and business, fueling a dramatic increase in new startups from the Austin area. Many of these small businesses are quickly gaining traction for the innovative services they provide, some fundraising millions of dollars in just a few short years. From real-time social analytics to education straight from your smartphone, the people behind these companies are smart, and the services they provide are even smarter. Take a look at the final part (you can view part one here and part two here) of our series on Austin startups that are changing the game for video and marketing in 2015.

Trendline Interactive
Trendline Interactive is on the larger side of many startups, growing quickly with locations in Chicago, Portland, and Austin. As a business they are a full-service email marketing agency, and as their name suggests, they analyze trends in order to make market recommendations to their clients. Their service is unique in that they combine their analyses of two trends, those in the market itself and consumer behavior trends, so they can give optimal advice about reaching a client’s audience.

In the company’s own words, AppSumo is a newsletter filled with useful information to help entrepreneurs “kick ass at work”. In addition to regular deals on a variety of products, AppSumo also distributes great content through their impressive blog and offers e-courses for online business development. Their premiere product, however, is called SumoMe, which provides users with free tools to increase traffic to your business’ website.

Feathr provides their customers with a suite of digital tools for event sales and marketing. Their product focuses on three areas: analytics, promotion, and monetization – everything you need to know who your audience is, how to best interact with them, and how to unlock new revenue streams. For event coordinators Feathr can be a real life-saver as it aims to keep audiences engaged year-round, beyond any single event.

The year 2015 will see more use of video promotion than ever before as more companies realize how powerful video can be. However, the problem with video production is that if you are unsure of what you’re doing, the results can be messy and less than satisfying regarding ROI. That’s where Remark comes in. This startup is changing the way businesses do video by providing a clear process to shoot, edit, and review your media in a collaborative way. The Remark platform allows video teams to share and receive feedback from other members or even external shareholders so you can know that your business is producing the best quality video possible.

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