How To Choose The Best Video Testimonial Subjects

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Video testimonial set-up

Why tell the world how great your product, service or business is yourself when you can find a satisfied client to sing your praises for you? Over the last several years you’ve developed positive relationships with customers, networking and going the extra mile to build up your reputation, and now it’s time to take advantage of that hard work.

Produce Your Own Business Video Marketing Content That Gets Results

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As an Austin video marketing company, we value the effectiveness of professionally produced video to help promote your business. We also know the importance of creating consistent content (weekly or more frequent) to help raise your website’s SEO and generate more leads. If you have to pay premium prices for a video marketing company to keep shooting videos for your … Read More

Why Online Video Marketing Is Vital To Today’s Small Businesses & Non-Profits

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Alex CWC Shot

In today’s crowded marketplace, the power belongs to the customer. They want engaging, personalized content to help inform their purchasing decisions. Online video for your business or organization’s website and social media presence represents the fastest and most effective way to separate yourself from competitors and attract more customers. With the rise of affordable HD production equipment and giant video … Read More

15 Video Production Ideas for Your Business

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Ideas for Marketing

Professional, engaging video is the single most effective method achieving your business marketing goals, whether it’s by increasing SEO to drive more traffic to your website, motivating customers to visit your physical location, or simply to inspire more passion and loyalty towards your product or service. Here are 15 high-impact business web video ideas that your company or organization can … Read More