Effective marketing campaign helps Austin startup thrive

In the crowded tech centric world we live in today, many media companies have difficulties reaching consumers through suitable advertisements.

The Internet dominates the way advertisements are placed on sites, and as a result many businesses are failing because they aren’t reaching potential customers through traditional print and television advertisements.

However, one Austin-based startup has created a way for media enterprises to reach their consumers in a much larger and faster way.

Over 2,600 local media companies use the company Ownlocal’s services. This is attributed in large part to the company’s effective marketing campaign. The company recognizes who its target audience is and has found a way to cater to their customers wants and needs by creating an automated digital platform for local media businesses.

Ownlocal was founded in 2010, and bases their business plan on utilizing new web technologies to automate the sales process to help local media firms reach small business customers.

The company accomplishes this goal by processing the traditional print, audio and television advertisements into digital or Internet advertising.  This process generates new revenue for companies through promotional advertisements and messages delivered through email, online advertising on search engines, social media websites, and banner ads on mobile or web based sites.

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