How to Benefit From Live Events with Video

There are several reasons why live events are popular. They gather your audience into one room, which ultimately lead to purchase or interest in your service, and gather them all online. Brands are able to get one-on-one interactions in person and online through their preferred channels by combining the events with video. According to Alex Murphy (Golden Arm Media, CEO), there are three main reasons that live event marketing has increased over the years.

1.Marketing has gone online
Marketers have fully embraced digital. Sometimes, as a result of being online, conversations can become impersonal, especially on Facebook and other social media platforms.As a result, marketers are tapping into live event marketing combined with video and audio production as a way to interact with their fans on a face-to-face basis and give them an experience that they will ultimately, if done right, display on their appropriate channels. Video creates a bridge that allows the online audience to participate and create a more personal experience than what they typically know. Their social platforms transforms into something lively and into something the audience can participate in.

2.Great way to give back
We aren’t in a one-sided conversation anymore. Brands have conversations with their audiences daily with the goal of giving them what they want. Live event videos give brands the ability to talk to and give premier content to their fans. “As long as you are delivering a lot of value it is a great way of bringing people together, where you foster a community not just between the people and the business but with each other.”

3.Bridges gap
Live event videos bridge the gap from the online world to the face-to-face communication that we all want and crave. Whether you’re an introvert who still wants to be a part of things, out on vacation, or just can’t make it, live event videos and live streaming make it possible to let everyone opt-in. “Through mediums, especially video, there is a way to bridge that gap where you have a hybrid model, a live event and other components such as video, that stretch the impact of the event beyond the people there.“

Which Event is Good for Business and How to Leverage It

Depending on the type of event, video can be used in different ways to maximize benefits. There are two core types of events that Alex Murphy mentions; educational events and celebration events. These events have their own subcategories that focus on specific areas such as conversions or awareness which use a number of different routes to leverage them through video. 


In educational events, such as interactive workshops, seminars and conferences, the goal of the event is to increase conversions. In this case, videos and in person interviews would be directed toward a business/sales perspective in which questions would be formed as, “Are you likely to continue your service?” At live events such as these the consumer is amped up and ready to increase their goals with the service that you provide. If you can focus on marketing and capitalize on it especially through things like video this one event can help you build your brand for a long time to come because you continue using pieces of this content and follow-up with people who were there. This makes first hand experience and word of mouth the key leveraging tools that can be used through live events and video. There are several types of video that you can use in educational events that would be beneficial for event goals and experiences. 

  • Speaker Recordings
    The whole world is in the digital age and everything goes online. With speaker recordings, video and audio, an event can go online in the highest quality. All moments can be captured and placed on your website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms for current and potential fans. This is especially useful for seminars and conferences, where each moment and each bit of information presented is critical to the event.
  • Event Highlights Reel
    Each event has its highlights. As a brand you want to show the world how people are using your services and enjoying your events. It also creates future selling points for your service and event. The highlights reel essentially starts the interest for your next event and it gives your current members a reason to come back.
  • Attendee Testimonials
    Word-of-Mouth is powerful and nothing drives interest more than hearing others who are just like you talk excitedly about something. These endorsements should be fresh and capturing these voices during or right after the event can have an incredible impact to your brand’s image.
  • Expert Interviews
    It’s not enough to say that you had an expert at your event. Publish their talking points and interviews from your event into your blog and social media networks, where people can associate your brand with them and their innovative thinking. You then get as much value from them as you can and position your brand as an expert as well.
  • Digital Video Product Package
    Combining all video – interviews, workshop/presentation videos, expert speakers, etc., – into a package can help create future marketing content. This content will produce ongoing income by sustaining constant presence on your website, blogs, and social media profiles.

Celebration encompasses events such as ceremonies and award shows that are concentrated on emotional connections and the attendees’ feelings toward long-term relationships. Celebration events should be filmed to increase awareness for the brand, as well as increase traffic to certain sites and social media networks. In this event a brand isn’t trying to sell itself to consumers but rather trying to build relationships and create conversations with those who already ‘celebrate’ their brand and with potential fans. Videos in this case can drive people towards the brand by giving them a face and emotion towards the company. The brand would then elevate themselves to not being just another person in the industry but a thought leader. The content tools and video types that would help create a value-driven celebration event would be the following: 

  • Event Highlights Reel
     This is how you show people who you are more than just a brand and that you have a voice that is worth sharing. Through this video you are developing strong connections between your fans and their experiences with your brand. By showing highlights and special moments from your event, you can develop a long-lasting relationships and positive attitudes with attendees.
  • Attendee Testimonials
    These testimonials give real-time feedback and excited responses that would resonate well with potential fans. Attendees would essentially do your branding for you by talking about their experiences and their attitudes towards the event. Placing real people into your future promotional videos would create a more personal image that would drive relationships with your consumers.
  • Event Promo Video
    Before the event even starts you can promote your message through short, engaging videos that would increase traffic to the event. These videos are essential to begin the stages of live event marketing and to showcase the benefits of your event.
  • Live Streaming
    By live streaming an event you are increasing exposure dramatically and globally. You can either live stream the event for free, as a gift to your fans, or monetize the event and publish premium content that would be paid by subscribers. Live streaming can be used as a way to engage with your fans on a personal level, even if they couldn’t make it to your event.
  • Digital Video Product Package
    Videos filled with content can create a lasting message that could be displayed on site, social media networks, and email time and time again. With the product package you would get all the content that is beneficial to your event and use it for branding purposes that would create continuous conversations with attendees.

Last Note.

Live event marketing can be so much more than just the event itself. It can venture into the depths of the online world and creates opportunities for increased engagement, ongoing social presence, and brand values. It holds the consumers in a place where they are fully looking at who a brand is and what they stand for. Alex Murphy says, “There is a whole wide road of people who are going to be interested in what [the event] is.” Golden Arm Media can help you build your content and increase engagement with video. We believe that live event marketing can be better through audio and video production and we are here to help you achieve success.

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