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How To Choose The Best Video Testimonial Subjects

Why tell the world how great your product, service or business is yourself when you can find a satisfied client to sing your praises for you? Over the last several years you’ve developed positive relationships with customers, networking and going the extra mile to build up your reputation, and now it’s time to take advantage of that hard work.

But how do you find the right testimonial subject for your business?

  1. Identify Your “Brand Cheerleaders”

Every business has regulars, but are they really passionate about your brand and your staff on a personal level? If so, they should jump at the opportunity to be on camera and promote you to others.

When proposing this quick video testimonial shoot, don’t present the idea as burdensome but suggest this project as a fun idea that they might like to participate in.

  1. Think About Your Key Demographic

You have probably already thought about your core customer base but now you have to put yourself in their shoes and think about the ideal person to deliver your message to them. Are they female or male? Younger or older? What tone of voice should tell your brand’s story and fits best with your brand personality?

This process of identifying the right testimonial subjects is also an opportunity to think about your marketing strategy in general, beyond the world of video.

  1. Find Someone Concise Who Can Be Coached

No one likes aimless rambling, online or offline, and your published video testimonial will be competing with literally everything else on the internet. An effective soundbite is always quick, clear and to the point.

Passion is good and, generally speaking, a high energy subject is better than someone monotone and cold, but can your potential subject keep their sentences short & sweet?

Put some level of trust into your video production company’s talent to shape multiple takes into an effective video. You can create your own list of questions in advance of the shoot date (highlighting your strengths as a company) or ask your video team to craft those questions. Either way, preparation and deliberate selection is key!

   4. One Last Step

This should be an obvious step but can easily be overlooked. Remember to give your sincere thanks to your subjects in person, on a follow up phone call or even a short email to show how much you respect their time. Share the finished video with them!

Do you have any special offers, discounts, or coupons to give away? This is the perfect opportunity to thank them for donating their time. These subjects are already satisfied customers, so build on that relationship. The result could be future referrals, testimonials, or best of all, even more business.

In a world that’s turned against the “hard sell”, a third-party who can vouch for you will always be more effective. With video testimonials, a client’s positive story can reach your local demographic, city or even the whole world!

 See what testimonial subjects had to say about their experience here in the Golden Arm studio.

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