Small Business Life – Episode 1 – Organization

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As any business owner knows, organization is one of the priorities that often gets buried under more urgent and pressing matters — like delivering projects to clients on time. Check out these three articles on how to improve your office organization skills the next time you have a spare second:

1. 30 Ways To Instantly Transform Your Workplace – While some of these suggestions might be a little too deco or DIY for a professional environment, there are some great ideas in this list to tidy up your desk, especially those unruly cables.

2. Unclutter Your Tech With The Rule of One – The Unclutterer shares a rule of thumb to help simplify our stuff — both physical and digital. By having just ONE thing that serves any given purpose, you free yourself both from cluttered space and a cluttered mind what has to decide which application or appliance to use!

3.How to Organize your Office for Maximum Productivity – This article from Inc explains how to keep your workspace organized from a conceptual point of view. For instance, having a “catch-it space” prevents permanent pile-ups of items that just need a temporary place in your space.

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