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Social Media Marketing: 5 Keys to Creating Great Social Content

My journey through Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” continues, and this time I’ve gathered what you should always consider when creating social media content.

1. Speak the right language

In other words, your content should be “native.” Social networking sites all have a unique language and style, so it’s important that what you’re posting is tailored to the proper platform. Pushing out the exact same content across all social media channels stops here!

Consider questions likes these: Is the platform well-suited for visuals? Do users like hashtags? Would artsy content be most appreciated? Or perhaps ironic humor? Will this link be clickable? (Hint: Instagram captions don’t allow hyperlinks.)

These intricacies can be learned through personal experience and interaction with the different platforms, but I will also go into more detail in later blog posts, so stay tuned!

2. Add value

Your brand’s content shouldn’t interrupt the consumer’s experience with their social networks, it should blend in as added value. The goal is to interest or entertain them, just as any friend or family member would, in order to build a relationship in which your business is considered an asset to their social feeds.

3. Be relevant

When companies reference current events, (anything from pop culture to a local sports team) the effect is a more human brand. Your business becomes more relatable and your posts become more valuable when followers get the sense that real people are behind them.

Leveraging relevant events also places your business’s account into popular online discussions that are most likely attracting more eyes than a regular day’s social feed would. Trending hashtags are key here!

4. Don’t make demands (often)

This goes back to the book’s title, or the “give, give, give, ask” approach to social media marketing. If you’re about to post a call to action, or land a right hook, make sure that you’ve thoroughly led up to it with undemanding, quality content.

5. Stay true to your business’s identity

While you’ll constantly be shifting the language and tone of social posts, depending on the platform, all content should still answer the question “Who are we?” Know your brand’s message and stick to it, but learn to adapt it to different social channels.


So the next time you go to click “post,” “tweet,” or “share,” stop and think about these five things, and you’ll be on your way to great social media content!

Leave a comment with your social media success stories or any thoughts you have about social content creation. I’d love to hear to your input!


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