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Social Media Marketing: 6 Steps to Establish Your Business on LinkedIn

I’ve made it to the end of Gary’s Vaynerchuk’s social media guide, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” and outlined social platforms as I went. Before bringing this series to a close, however, I’ve like to highlight one last site that Vaynerchuk only briefly touches on.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking service that many professionals use to form connections and showcase their experience and abilities. The platform is also a valuable tool that businesses can add to their social arsenal.

Download the full playbook I used to compose this post, but in summary, this is the step by step process you should follow to establish your business on LinkedIn:

1. Create a company page.

This profile will provide all the basic information that visitors may need to know about your business. Highlight what you have to offer customers, outfit your page with links to your owned channels, like social media and the company website, and include relevant tags and SEO search terms to make it easy to find through search engines.

2. Encourage your employees to add the company to their profile.

Anyone with a LinkedIn profile can link to their past and current employers, which is visible to both their connections and anyone viewing their profile. This can be extremely useful in widening your page’s reach and drawing in new audiences.

3. Contribute in LinkedIn groups.

Join groups relevant to your business, then actively participate in the conversation to network, promote the company, and build awareness of your brand!

4. Link to your company page.

Add a link to your LinkedIn page wherever it may be appropriate. For example, on the company website, in your email signature, and on your social media pages. You can also take a more direct approach and personally invite your business contacts or clients to follow your company page.

5. Track analytics.

With the information LinkedIn provides about your followers, you can better understand who your brand is reaching and how you should communicate with them.

6. Post updates frequently.

A consistent stream of content will strengthen your business’ LinkedIn presence and provide the greatest opportunity for follower-engagement. Promoting your business is important, but put even more focus on insightful and relevant posts about your industry. LinkedIn is a platform where long-form content is acceptable if it contributes valuable information, but rich media posts should also be a large part of your repertoire.


Now that you’ve created a foundation for your business on LinkedIn, it’s time to experiment and explore. It’ll take some time to learn the ins and outs, but LinkedIn is said to be the number one platform for B2B marketing, so it has the potential to be very worth your commitment!

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