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Social Media Marketing: 7 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Facebook Post

I’m making my way through Gary Vaynerchuk’s guide to social media marketing, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” and have reached the largest section: Facebook. It’s no question why Facebook is the king of this book. With over one billion users, Facebook is the king of social media.

So what does it take to create the best possible Facebook content for your business? Here are some tips for crafting the perfect post:

1. Make it visual

Users scroll through their Facebook feeds at breakneck speed, so content needs to have some sort of visually compelling element in order to be noticed.

2. Include your logo

Your Facebook content should easily connect to your brand in consumer’s minds. A subtle inclusion of your business’s logo usually does the trick!


3. Target posts

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are simple to use and give you a way to precisely tailor your right hooks to different audiences, increasing their effectiveness. If you are trying to attract a certain type of customer with a new promotion, compose a post with them in mind and then use targeting tools to place it directly in front of the right eyes.

4. Learn from customer feedback

Test out different types of posts and content to see what your followers find most useful or entertaining. Maybe they love behind the scenes photos of your business in action, or maybe they’d rather discuss the latest and greatest tech gadget. Facebook Insights is a great tool to help you keep track of what followers engaged with the most!

5. Encourage interaction

When you produce content that people want to interact with, it tells Facebook that your posts are worthy of being seen by more people. If a post has no likes, comments or shares, Facebook effectively hides it away. So engage your followers: ask questions, start conversations or post cool, shareable content.

6. Boost what’s most important

Facebook allows you to “boost” a post, or pay for more people to see it. With this extended reach, you can garner more interest in your best and most critical posts. You control exactly how much is spent on promoting a certain post, and you can decide your specific target audience. This makes for a cost-effective and tailored promotional technique.

7. Use the proper format

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again. Understanding the platform is crucial to successful social media marketing. Get to know the way every type of content looks and can be interacted with on Facebook.

Some hints: Links either show up as a preview to the page/article (see example to the right), or you can choose to limit them to a simple hyperlinked URL. Also, videos uploaded directly to Facebook will autoplay as users scroll through their feeds, while links to YouTube videos do not.


I know posting on your business’s Facebook may seem like the easiest thing in the world. I mean, it’s Facebook! We all know how to use it, right? But if you put some thought and consideration into your posts and always have your followers in mind, the quality of your content will undoubtedly go up.

Tell me in the comments about a time you’ve really hit a home run for your business on Facebook!

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