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Social Media Marketing: Content Strategy Overview

Initial Takeaways from Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook:

I’m currently reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s guide to social media marketing strategies, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” For those unfamiliar, Vaynerchuk considers himself a “storytelling entrepreneur” and has plenty of interesting (and strong) opinions on the subject.

Warning: clip contains some colorful language.

So why the boxing references? Here are Vaynerchuk’s alternative definitions:

A Jab: when brands provide their followers with engaging, quality content on social channels. Jabs can range from a tip of the day to a silly, office-made video series. Essentially, anything that would please or interest your audience.

The Right Hook: a call to action that benefits business. These should be executed much less often than jabs, and are the end-game of social media efforts. For example, “click here to buy” or “two for one, today only!”

In other words, Vaynerchuk encourages companies to take a “give, give, give, ask” approach to their social platforms. If you’ve ever followed a brand and felt as if you’re constantly being bombarded with sales pitches or not-so-subtle advertising, the communications director probably hasn’t read this book.

Instead, companies should strive to blend seamlessly into their followers’ social feeds. This is accomplished by having a strong understanding of each platform’s unique language, and posting interesting content that feels as if it’s coming from an actual human being, not a marketing robot with a sales quota.

Vaynerchuk’s book has played an integral role in Golden Arm’s social media and content marketing strategy. I’ll be sharing my takeaways as I continue reading, but if you’re familiar with the book, leave a comment about your thoughts on Vaynerchuk’s approach.

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