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Welcome to the first installment of #ThankfulThursday! I decided that one day of Thanksgiving per year (or two, for some Canadian-Americans!) is not enough. I am holding myself accountable to recognize one person publicly each week with my gratitude. So let’s begin!

The following would be a video transcript, if I used a teleprompter or (gasp) memorized a script:

For today’s thankful Thursday I want to give some props to my friend, Kevin Carney.

I’m a student of his Inbound Marketing University program, which provides the framework for our blog strategy. 

I am so grateful he drove all the way out to our studio just to meet me one-on-one last week and really dig in to what my struggles were with posting consistently and how to overcome those to move forward. (See those coming up in a later post!)

He’s so patient and makes himself available whenever I (or other students) have a question about what to do for the blog. I highly recommend the program, it has really simplified the entire overwhelming process of having a blog strategy.

He also offers a weekly Meetup which we host at our studio every Wednesday evening. (For those outside the Austin area, he also has weekly Hangout.) Please join us sometime and see what it’s all about! I’ve made some really great connections with other students who I probably never would have met without the program. 

…By the way, I used the Busivid Create App to add the bumpers and music to the video. Neat, huh?

If it sounds cool to you, maybe you should check out Alex’s tutorials or reach out to learn more.


So, what are you thankful for this week?

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