Beauty Vloggers

The Beauty Vloggers Take Over the Internet

You probably have heard the idea of “bloggers” who build their own online communities through featured blogs. Well…you are outdated. The latest online opinion leaders are now the “Vloggers”! Instead of using written blogs as a medium to showcase their ideas, vloggers use platforms such as YouTube to talk about interesting topics, share their opinions or just record their daily life. The power of video is far-reaching beyond your imagination. Through video, vloggers can reach audience all around the world and grow their brand awareness internationally.

The renowned makeup entrepreneur, Marlena Stell, was a high school music teacher who enjoyed makeup. To share her passion with others, she started a YouTube channel called “Makeup Geek,” where she taught cosmetics application. Within one month, her videos became a huge hit!

In fact, Marlena quit her teaching job to devote more time to her Vlog. Today, she has over a million  subscribers on her channel. Most impressive of all, she established her own cosmetics brand and built a million-dollar monthly gross makeup enterprise. And she’s not the only one to do this!  

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