The Role of Family in Business

The saying “you can pick and change your friends but you can’t pick and choose your family” is relatable to almost everyone in the world. Family plays a huge role in running a business. Whether your family is jumping in the business with you or standing behind in moral support, family isn’t going anywhere.

We at Golden Arm Media can relate to working with family. Our CEO and Narrative Strategist Alex Murphy describes the experience of starting our company with his father Don and working alongside his wife Sarah.

“Going into business with family is both incredible and kind of scary,” said Murphy.

“The benefits are that there is an extra layer of trust and love in the workplace, and it helps put things into perspective. No matter how hectic something gets with work or if there is a disagreement on a project, you’re still family and you still love each other.”

While going into business with family may not be for everyone, Alex has some advice for those who are thinking about it.

“Your personal relationship should always be above your work relationship,” said Murphy.

“In any business partnership you’re going to clash on ideas or disagree with one another. But it’s important to remember during these tensions and disagreements that you’re not just building this for you but for your family as well. And to have everyone all there together along for the ride creates a greater sense of purpose for everyone”.

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