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Prices vary depending on the scope of the project. We’ve produced in-studio testimonial videos for as low as $500, and premier showcase video projects for over $10,000. Main factors that determine price include:

  • The workload of pre-production: creative development, scriptwriting, shot planning, logistics, etc.
  • The scale of production filming: crew size, equipment rentals, number of filming days and locations, etc.
  • Complexity of post-production: how long the video is, how much editing is involved, sound mixing, motion graphics, etc.
Our focus is on short, effective marketing videos for Austin businesses. Usually 30 seconds to 3 mins. in length, our videos fall under three main categories:

  • Business Showcase Videos – Premier marketing videos that promote your business’s product or service, team, mission, history, community impact, or another important aspect of your company. They form a personal connection with the viewer and, if done well, are powerful branding tools.
  • Client Success Stories – Story-driven testimonial videos that enable your happy clients/customers to espouse the benefits of your product or service. They inspire confidence and loyalty in your business.


  • Content Marketing Videos – Consistent, value-driven (non-sales) videos for your business blog and YouTube channels. Educating your customers about your business and industry builds rapport and trust with them. It’s the future of marketing.

We also produce training content, live event coverage, non-profit mission/fundraising videos, animated explainer videos, documentaries, and message-based short films.

Like cost, turnaround time for our videos depends on the scope, budget and current workload. A premier showcase video takes on average, from concept to completion, around 2 months to produce. Meanwhile, an in-studio testimonial filmed on a Monday can be delivered by that same Friday.
For projects under $3,000, we accept 50% of the project payment upon signing our media agreement, and 50% at the start of production filming. For projects over $3,000, we accept 40% up front, 30% at start of production, and the final 30% once the final project is approved by our client.
Yes. Combining creative development and production costs across multiple videos saves us both time and money. We enjoy forwarding those savings onto our clients.
Absolutely. We have previously filmed projects in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. We would be happy to travel wherever we’re invited.
You can be as involved in the video production process as you’d like. We love “hands-off” clients that rely fully on our expertise, and also clients that desire a more active role in shaping their videos – after all, nobody knows your business like you do!

During creative development and pre-production, you will have the biggest opportunities to help shape the message and style of your videos, especially in the scriptwriting process.

Before production, we appreciate help coordinating the logistics of the shoot – scheduling testimonial subjects, bringing in any staff for b-roll footage, etc.

During post-production, you have the opportunity for at least two rounds of feedback on your video. For our premier videos, we also offer a sit-down session (1-2 hours) in our studio, where you can work with the editor side-by-side to select the best shots and learn about the editing process.

We deliver all final video files in 1080p digital .mp4 files via Google Drive. You can easily upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Wistia, and any other websites.

We will also deliver physical DVDs or Blu-Ray discs at an additional cost.

We offer video coaching services to help teach you how to upload your video to various hosting platforms and social networks, plus help with video SEO.  If you prefer, we can handle all this for you.
You. We’ll supply you with all raw video footage upon request, for your company to use in future videos or promotional materials.

Not finding your question here? We’d be happy to answer it. Heck, it might even end up as a full-on blog post! We’d love to hear from you, and we promise to get back to you ASAP.

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