What If I’m Nervous In Front of the Camera?

First of all, if you’re nervous, you’re not alone! Trust me, most people feel like they’re terrible in front of the camera, and they’re really not. They just need a little practice.

If you are nervous, here are a few options:

First, don’t be on camera. Use voiceover for your videos – your own voice or a professional’s – or have another member of your team be the spokesperson for your business or brand.

Or, just do it! It’s easier than it looks. If you’re working with an experienced video professional, they should be practiced at making their clients feel comfortable and confident on camera. Trust in their expertise and visualize feeling happy and doing an awesome job.

Another alternative to the direct-to-camera address is a more documentary style approach where you look off-camera and talk to an invisible interviewer. This usually makes people feel less stressed than if they’re talking directly to the camera.

Finally, if you’re shooting videos DIY and can’t rely on an expert, check back next week for tips on how to improve your on-camera performance.

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