Why Tweetdeck is a valuable marketing tool

Tweetdeck aids in mass marketing

 If you’re looking to generate quality content and engage with your Twitter followers in the most effective and organized way while building your company’s brand, Tweetdeck is the tool to help you mass market to consumers over the worldwide Twitter feed.

Tweetdeck allows the user to tweet out from multiple accounts simultaneously or switch back and forth between accounts.  The platform is structured into customizable columns that a user can set to display their timeline, mentions, direct messages, and search hashtags.  It offers the user the same amenities one would receive by logging onto their regular Twitter account but allows for better organization for your profiles.  Perhaps the most important feature that Tweetdeck provides along with a standard Twitter account is allowing for users to upload 30-second videos that they can edit and post on their feed.  Video posts are the best way to grab viewers and potential clients attention when pitching a service or product.

Another powerful operation that Tweetdeck gives to its users is the ability to schedule tweets.  This is an incredible advantage because the user can compose a post and select an exact time for the tweet to be published. This spaces out tweets while still keeping a strong social media presence without annoying followers by cluttering their twitter feed with constant back-to-back posts in a short span of time.  


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