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Why Online Video Marketing Is Vital To Today’s Small Businesses & Non-Profits

In today’s crowded marketplace, the power belongs to the customer. They want engaging, personalized content to help inform their purchasing decisions.

Online video for your business or organization’s website and social media presence represents the fastest and most effective way to separate yourself from competitors and attract more customers. With the rise of affordable HD production equipment and giant video and social platforms, now is the time to invest in video content.

Here are four major ways that video marketing will increase revenue for your business.

1. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

SEO keywords alone are no longer enough to rank highly on search engines. Google now strongly measures the relevance, informativeness and uniqueness of a website’s content – less about words, more about value.

Quality video with a relevant description and meta-tags is the #1 type of content Google values. Integrating business videos, testimonials, and/or educational videos into your company website will produce a measurable increase in SEO ranking and therefore new customers.

In addition, videos are the most shared type of content on social media. These social shares increase the visibility of your business and can be utilized for Facebook ad campaigns. They also create backlinks to your website, powerful signals to Google that you have a high quality site.

2. Establish A Deeper Connection with Your Customers

Customers have so many choices for products and services in today’s marketplace. People will associate with the businesses that inspire personal, emotional connections that last.

Video is a powerful way to create that connection with your current and potential customers. Two such potential videos (of many) include:

   1. Welcome Video: An energetic introduction on the company’s homepage. Introduce your business, the products or services you offer, and the smiling faces of those who work there.

  2. Testimonials: Passionate, genuine people signing the praises of the company’s product or service. These can be incredibly effective in attracting new customers.

One of our previous clients, Wendy of the Pilates Center of Austin, told us she was grocery shopping recently when a woman walked up to her and asked “are you Wendy?” The lady had just watched the PCA’s Welcome Video and immediately purchased a series of classes online. She felt comfortable introducing herself because she had already made an emotional connection to Wendy through video.

Such is the power of effective video marketing.  It will lead to greater trust and customer retention.

3. Position Your Business As “The Experts”

Everyone is searching for solutions to their problems. Search for any topic and you’ll find plenty of how-tos, training videos, animated explainer and concept videos, visual instructions, and other educational content (of varying quality).

Producing informative and educational content for your website presents the unique opportunity to become the digital experts in your niche, either in the local area or worldwide. High quality video that gives free value to your customers raises you above the competition. This increases their trust in your products and services.

By adding the proper description and meta-tags to your educational videos, your business will also begin to rank highly in Google for a whole range of new searches.

4. Tell the World the Story & Vision Of Your Business

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop store or a multinational brand, creating a compelling narrative around your company, your history, and your products & services is a huge opportunity.

Social media has transformed the relationship between businesses and their customers. People now receive posts from companies alongside photos, videos and messages from their friends.  Marketing is quickly becoming synopsis with storytelling.

Producing a Business Profile or Company History video (a short “behind-the-scenes” documentary film), can be a powerful tool in shaping the unique story of your business, organization or brand. Elements may include the tale of your founding, your day-to-day business operations, the driving mission behind the value you deliver to customers, and your empowering vision for the future.

Customers who respond to a well-told business profile video are no longer just buying a product or service – they’re participating and investing in a story they believe in.

In addition, by articulating your business’s vision, it will help inspire everyone who works there. Even if you already have a strong company culture, video makes it easy to share this vision with others and add an extra sense of purpose to their work.

Video is increasingly become a vital element of any online marketing strategy, alongside a well-optimized website and active social media presence.

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